Trump Making Fatal Flaw In Understanding Mueller’s Probe That Will Cost Him Dearly

President Trump reportedly thinks that special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation and possibly his obstruction of justice investigation are soon coming to an end. Trump thinks he will be publicly exonerated by Mueller relatively soon.

A new report published last night revealed that certain White House officials close to Trump think the investigation’s focus on individuals who were close to the president, somehow means that the probe will soon come to an end. Trump receives a limited selection of information from those around him and only chooses to watch Fox News, so he is clearly unaware of what the full story is in regards to Mueller’s probe.

This is a fatal miscalculation by the president because the evidence implies more that Mueller’s investigation is growing by the day, rather than wrapping itself up. Trump should be working on defending himself because that would be in his best interest, so this miscalculation could end up costing him greatly.

A current law professor and former federal prosecutor says that there is no sign Mueller’s probe will be over soon. “I don’t think there’s any reason to believe this is almost over,” Randall Eliason said, “Based not just on what we’ve seen but also what we know about white-collar investigations generally, this seems to me like it is just getting started.”

Considering that Mueller interviewed Manafort and raided his home in the months leading up to his eventual indictment, the recent interviews of top Trump administration officials doesn’t imply that this investigation is ending anytime soon, especially if more indictments start flying. Trump is not getting the full picture and it’s going to end up being a detriment to him. Like usual, he’s his own worst enemy.


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