Trump & Mike Pence Both Caught Badly Screwing Up Etiquette At Bush’s Funeral Service

Donald Trump and Mike Pence were both caught breaking basic funeral etiquette as the nation bid farewell to former President George H.W. Bush on Wednesday?with his state funeral service at the Washington National Cathedral.

It is important to note that Bush is a veteran and he enlisted in the U.S. Navy on his 18th birthday, on June 12, 1942. Absolute basic etiquette when attending a funeral for a veteran, is that non veterans, like Trump and Pence, are supposed to put their hands over their hearts in the presence of the deceased’s casket.

Trump and Pence, as will be proven in the evidence below, broke etiquette at the funeral by not placing their hands over their hearts at crucial points during the service, when they were in the presence of Bush’s casket.

In multiple captures from multiple sources, the two were clearly the only people in the captures not covering their hearts with their hands. You just know they messed up on etiquette because these captures speak for themselves and they do not look good for Pence or Trump.

The Washington Post’s photographer Matt McClain also captured the same thing on his camera. It is possible that Trump and Pence covered their hearts at some point, but they definitely were not covering them when the casket was close to them, after the casket passed them and was being carried up to the altar, all while the Obamas and Clintons clearly were covering their hearts. It’s kind of surprising that Mike Pence screwed this up because he’s all about military service since his father served in the army.

You know what Trump did do with his hands as the casket moved up the cathedral’s steps? He used his left hand to adjust his suit jacket. You can see it in the capture below and the footage below at about 54 seconds in. At about 54 seconds, Trump can be clearly seen adjusting the jacket and possibly his tie, rather than holding his right hand over his heart.

For someone who made it clear that he was excited about attending H.W. Bush’s funeral, Trump sure did not read up on one thing about etiquette. How can it not make both him and Pence look bad when they are seen in both footage and captures not covering their hearts when the Obamas and Clintons were?


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