Trump Mocks Secret Service’s Ability To Protect Him During Trip To Alaska ‘you can take them’

After cutting his trip to Vietnam short, Donald Trump made a “surprise” visit to service members on his way back to Washington, during his refueling stop in Alaska. Trump spent 20 minutes speaking to the troops, where he strangely made fun of his own Secret Service team.

Trump called Bronze Star recipient Sergeant Sean Rogers up to the stage to speak and told him not to worry about the Secret Service because he could take them out. ?I won?t bring up the generals. I won?t bring the generals up, but come on, Sean, get up here. Don?t worry about Secret Service. You can take them, Sean,? Trump said. You can see it all in the footage below.

Apparently the Secret Service responded to this statement because Trump reacted to them and said, “Secret Service immediately runs up.” Trump probably shouldn’t be making fun of the Secret Service, it’s not exactly a joking matter.

Trump also discussed his family’s connections to Alaska, which are probably fake knowing Trump, “My grandfather was up in Alaska for a long time, he was looking for gold, he was searching for gold, he didn’t find it, but, he opened little hotels for those looking for gold, and it worked out.”


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