Trump Prepares Attack On Women & Obama By Ending Crucial Affordable Care Act Federal Requirement

After failing to deliver three times on his campaign promise to repeal and replace Obamacare immediately after taking office, President Trump is now taking executive action to damage the Affordable Care Act the best he can. The latest development is that Trump is planning to eliminate the federal requirement for employers to include birth control in their employee’s health insurance plans.

The Obama administration created what is known as the “contraception mandate,” which requires employers to provide birth control as part of their worker’s health insurance plans, at no extra cost to them. Most people receive their health insurance from their employers, so this will impact millions of people, women in particular.

Trump can reverse this contraception mandate because the requirement is not explicitly stated in the Affordable Care Act. The Obama administration created the rule through executive action because it was deemed to be nothing less than necessary to protect women’s health. Here’s a short clip of former President Obama explaining how important this mandate is, including how it saves us all money and saves lives.

The Trump administration could announce this reversal any day now, according to The New York Times. Vox published a leaked draft of the rule reversal, prompting comment from Tim Jost, a health law professor at Washington and Lee University. “It’s just a very, very, very broad exception for everybody. If you don’t want to provide it, you don’t have to provide it,” he said, confirming that the rule reversal will easily allow employers to refuse coverage of birth control for employees.

55 million women in America have access to birth control and other preventive services without out of pocket costs, so the impact we are talking about here is staggering. If the mandate is removed, there will be millions of women who will have to start paying for birth control out of pocket.

This is an obviously terrible and petty decision, but what can you expect when the president hates his predecessor and all that he’s accomplished, while also being a huge misogynist? When it comes down to it, these insurance companies do need to be forced to do the right thing in many situations, such as this one.

The people who run these companies have absolutely no compassion and only look at the bottom line. Their goal is to provide the bare minimum to customers, while maximizing every last drop of profitability for the company. Making sure that all women have access to contraception, regardless of their financial situation, is a no brainer that benefits society immensely and measurably.

Trump has offered this country nothing but a constant assault on former President Obama’s legacy. Instead of trying to build his own, he only wants to destroy his predecessor’s successful one. Not only are we going backwards as Trump tries to ruin Obama’s legacy, but we are also wasting time not moving forward. Trump’s first term, if he completes it, will be twice as damaging as a result, because we will have to fix what he ruined, before we can continue to progress again.


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