Trump Provides Evidence For Nose Issues By Revealing What He Spends His Money On

During Donald Trump’s speech yesterday, in which he read off a teleprompter and announced sanctions on Iran, he had nose breathing issues over 50 times and had trouble reading. This lead to many folks finding the nose issues to be very suspicious.

During a press conference today, on changes his administration is making to the National Environmental Policy Act, Trump raised eyebrows by flatly stating that he spends his money on “drugs.”

Wait. What? “I spend a lot of my own money,” Trump said, and then started explaining exactly what he spends it on. “For instance, I give up my salary, it’s $450,000, approximately $450,000 presidential salary, I give it up. It goes to, usually I give it to drugs.” Wait…what? Is Trump here admitting he spends a lot of money on drugs?

Trump continued, “It goes to, usually I give it to drugs. I give some to Elaine, sometimes for transportation. But every quarter, I give up 100% of my salary.”? Does this explain where Trump’s money has been going and why he has been sniffling so much? Check out the footage below and then read our analysis that comes after.

Now, Trump has donated his salary to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health and a White House official said it was, ?to continue the ongoing fight against the opioid crisis.? He has also donated to the Department of Transportation, overseen by Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. But why were “drugs” the first thought that came into Trump’s head, when talking about where he “spends his money”?

Trump also is clearly not managing the donation of his salary, because in the clip above he said, “I think it’s paid on a quarterly basis.” He doesn’t have anything to do with that, his assistants are the ones handling that. He just remembered drugs because that’s what he spends his money on! He remembers sending money to Elaine Chao because *checks notes* that’s Mitch McConnell’s wife. You draw the dots here folks.


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