Trump Receiving Options Today That Have Historically Helped Presidents Get Re-elected

Republican presidents love war because historically, no United States president has lost re-election during war time. With the economy in trouble and his 2020 polls looking horrible, Donald Trump is going to be excited about what the military will be presenting to him today.

Trump is having a national security meeting today with the Pentagon, during which Trump will be presented with a range of military options he can use on Iran. The options are the result of the Trump Administration blaming Iran for an attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil supply.

Sources within the Pentagon report that the Defense Department will warn Trump that taking any military action against Iran will likely lead to war, but they will still present him with options ranging from airstrikes to full on invasion. This meeting is of course closed to the press so we will have to rely on sources revealing information after the meeting.

?It is my job to provide military options to the president should he decide to respond with military force,? General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters earlier this week. He confirmed that Trump will want ?a full range of options,? and that, ?In the Middle East, of course, we have military forces there and we do a lot of planning and we have a lot of options.

Vice president Mike Pence called the attack on Saudi oil facilities ?an act of war? and said Trump will ?review the facts, and he?ll make a decision about next steps. But the American people can be confident that the United States of America is going to defend our interest in the region, and we?re going to stand with our allies.?

Just this week, the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates again, something that is has not done in years and strongly signals that our economy is not doing well. You can feel it all around you and it is not surprising in any way. Wages have been stagnant for years while the cost of everything has risen dramatically. Instead of fighting wealth inequality, Trump has done nothing but lowered taxes on the rich and made things worse. Even Trump voters can see now that he is not their savior. The only thing that can convince these fools to vote for him again is war.


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