Trump Receiving ‘worst’ Impeachment Defense Strategy Counseling In The White House

It looks like what we can consider a mole has found its way into the White House. Donald Trump is now being advised about how to handle his pending impeachment by Mark Penn, a former adviser to Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Penn’s advice is fortunately the opposite of what Trump should be doing if he wanted to save himself from being thrown out of office.

Mark Penn has been reported to have spent more than an hour in the Oval Office just last week telling Donald Trump that there is no chance he will be removed from office. Penn is instead encouraging Trump to travel around the country and world instead of worrying about being impeached. Trump seems to be listening and is going to make a trip to Europe next week to attend a reception for Nato leaders hosted by the Queen.

Penn is trying to leverage his experience from working on Bill Clinton’s impeachment, where his job was measuring public support for Clinton during that impeachment process. Penn has convinced Trump to listen to him because he has knowledge of how Bill Clinton dealt with impeachment in 1998.

Trump does not seem to realize how disastrous it is that he would even meet with Penn because Penn is a hack. The world is a completely different place than it was in 1998. 1998 was before the internet mattered in politics and any advice Penn could offer is surely outdated.

But beyond that obvious fact, is that Penn is a complete hack. Mark Penn is considered to be one of the “worst political strategists alive” because he’s widely credited for the losing 2008 primary strategy that saw Hillary Clinton defeated by former President Obama.

After his disastrous performance with Hillary Clinton in 2008, Penn took the only job that would suit such a person and became a Fox News regular and started writing opinion pieces for them defending Trump.

After Penn met with Trump this past week, he revealed that he is a total liar as he claimed he’s not giving any advice to Trump, ?It?s the second time I have ever met with the president. I?m not counseling him. I?m not advising him. I don?t get into presidential meetings.? Complete and utter lie!
Only Trump would be foolish enough to believe that his best chance of surviving impeachment would be to do basically nothing, as Penn told him. But hey, we aren’t complaining.


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