Trump Responds After Ugly Photograph of Him Spreads Around the World and He Can’t Take It

A photographer managed to capture a disturbing photo of Donald Trump after he returned to the White House yesterday from Charlotte, North Carolina. The capture highlights just how ridiculous and bad Trump’s orange make up is and truly proved the term “orange man.”

Trump is really upset over the image, for obvious reasons, and addressed it today on social media with a response to someone mocking the image and calling it “orangeface.” Trump claimed the image is doctored, but himself shared a doctored version of the image without any color.

“More Fake News. This was photoshopped, obviously,” Trump said Saturday on Twitter about the photo. “But the wind was strong and the hair looks good? Anything to demean!” Wait, did Trump just try to say his hair looks good in this image?

If the photograph was fake, why did Trump feel the need to post it in black and white? Well for one, that’s how bad of a photograph it is. But two, he posted it in black and white because he knows it’s real! It’s so real that he had to doctor the photo himself and take the color out. But of course, even in black and white, you can still see how ridiculous his make up is!

The full image with color can be seen in the footage below. The contrast between his pale white skin and the intensely orange make up he puts on is seriously disturbing to look at. This is the president. God help us all.


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