Trump Responds To Mueller’s Raid On Manafort’s Home & Subtly Reveals His Fear

President Trump finally made public comments today about special counsel Robert Mueller’s early morning raid on former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s home last month. He said it “surprised” him while he also defended Manafort. A hint of fear slipped through Trump’s words as well, as he lamented the way in which the raid was carried out.

Trump was speaking to reporters at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, and told them that, “I’ve always found Paul Manafort to be a very decent man.” Trump also said he has not spoken to the Attorney General Jeff Sessions or the FBI regarding the raid.

On the raid specifically, Trump said that, “You know, they do that very seldom, so I was surprised to see it. I was very, very surprised to see it. I thought it was a very, very strong signal, or whatever.” So basically, Trump himself acknowledges how big of a deal the FBI raid was.

President Trump then subtly revealed his fear of Mueller’s investigation, by making remarks about how the raid was carried out. He expressed his fear by highlighting his displeasure that the raid was carried out early in the morning, even going as far to question whether it was appropriate. “I have not, but to do that early in the morning, whether or not it was appropriate you’d have to ask them,” Trump said.

“I’ve always found Paul Manafort to be a very decent man. He’s like a lot of other people, probably makes consultant fees from all over the place. Who knows? I don’t know, but I thought it was pretty tough stuff to wake him up, perhaps his family was there.” Trump also said he knows Manafort but has not spoken to him “in a long time.” You can see this all in the clip below, where you can decide for yourself how afraid he is.


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