Trump Screwed After Armed Forces Turn On Him Over Shutdown & Fed Workers Strike

One way or another, Donald Trump’s government shutdown is going to have to end because federal workers have had enough and are taking action against the Trump administration to force the shutdown to end. Trump has generally received a lot of his support from the Armed Forces, but it looks like he has managed to enrage even them.

Three Coast Guard wives agreed to go on television and spoke to CBS news about the struggles they’re facing as their husbands go without their paychecks. These families, like many Americans, have not yet fully recovered after the nation was robbed by crooked bankers during the financial crisis. The majority of folks here in America are living paycheck to paycheck or close to it.

“Build the wall, don’t build the wall. But pay our husbands,? one of the wives said.?”Our budget is extremely tight. We have just bought only the necessities when we went grocery shopping and, you know, trying to look at the sales and see what’s on sale?We’ve been having ‘struggle meals,’ we call them.” You can hear their stories in the footage below.

Like mentioned before, this is devastating for Trump because he makes a big deal and effort to get support from our armed forces. Possibly even more dangerous than these servicemen’s wives speaking out, is that Federal workers are now going on strike.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees?protested?today outside Atlanta’s?Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and chanted, “Hey-hey, ho-ho, lockout has got to go.” TSA Union president?Hydrick Thomas said that his members are quitting because they need to be paid, and that,??The loss of officers, while we?re already shorthanded, will create a massive security risk for American travelers.”

People can put up with a lot, but what they cannot put up with is going without their income. When people can’t feed themselves and their way of life is seemingly destroyed overnight, that’s when you have a serious problem. This is all on Donald Trump and the damage will fall on his shoulders.


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