Trump Screwed Because We Just Found Out Who’s Been Giving North Korea Oil & It’s NOT China

Trump attacked China yesterday morning and accused them of sending oil shipments to North Korea, in violation of U.N. sanctions on North Korea. China justifiably responded by putting Trump in his place, because Reuters just revealed who really has been sending oil into North Korea, and it’s not the Chinese.

It turns out that Russian tankers are the ones giving North Korea oil and have done so at least three different times so far in the past few months. ?Russian vessels have made ship-to-ship transfers of petrochemicals to North Korean vessels on several occasions this year in breach of sanctions,? said one security source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, whose report was confirmed by a second source independently.

Any sale of oil or oil products from Russia to North Korea is in breach of U.N. sanctions. “These Russian vessels are giving a lifeline to the North Koreans,? the second security source said. ?The vessels are smuggling Russian fuel from Russian Far Eastern ports to North Korea,? said the first security source.

Members of the UN Security Council vote 15-0 to impose new sanctions on North Korea

A Russian “shipping source” with “knowledge of Far Eastern marine practices” claims North Korean ships switched to fuel deliveries at sea using ship-to-ship transfers to avoid U.N. sanctions.

So not only has Trump attacked the wrong nation over these oil deliveries into North Korea, but it turns out that his pal Putin is the one doing it. Trump faces a huge test here as news of these Russian shipments will spread across the country, with your help, which will force Trump’s hand on this. He must denounce Russia immediately for violating these U.N. sanctions and apologize to China. But will he really stand up to Putin?


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