Trump Screws Up & Says Ending Civil Rights One Of Our Greatest ‘strides’ While Speaking At Breakfast

The State of the Union proved that Donald Trump is desperate to shake the accusations of racism that easily stick to him and everyone around him. Having World War Two veterans attend and highlighting how they fought against the Nazis was Trump’s way of trying to show that he himself is not a Nazi.

If Trump wasn’t a racist, he wouldn’t have to try so hard to prove he isn’t, and slip ups like he made this morning at the?National Prayer Breakfast wouldn’t happen. Trump attended the breakfast in?Washington, where speakers talked about the level of division in the country. Trump told the?audience of global religious leaders that America?s greatest accomplishments include the ?abolition of civil rights.?

Wait, what?! Trump said he wants to abolish civil rights? ?Since the founding of our nation, many of our greatest strides, from gaining our independence to abolition of civil rights, to extending the vote for women, have been led by people of faith and started in prayer,? Trump said. ?When we open our hearts to faith we fill our hearts with love.? You can see his comments in the footage below.

Happy Black History Month, folks. This was quite the Freudian slip. Did you notice that Trump also winced at even having to talk about civil rights and finally giving women the right to vote? Also in attendance was members of the Trump?s Cabinet and members of Congress, including Democratic House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Maybe he was nervous to speak to them after he saw the reaction to his State of the Union.


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