Trump Screws Up Speaking At Young Black Summit & Says Some Are ‘Bad Ones’

Donald Trump spoke today at a Young Black Leadership Summit, where the handful of young black conservative leaders from across the country gathered to support him. You would think that Trump would be extra careful to act respectfully to these young black leaders, considering the fact that his approval rating among black voters is incredibly low, but that’s not what happened.

Trump started to speak about and claim that the African American community appreciates his alleged claim that the economy is doing great because it means that ex-prisoners are now getting jobs. “For the first time ever, because the economy is so strong, for the first time prisoners are getting jobs. I think frankly the African American community…appreciates that maybe more than anything we’ve done,” Trump said.

After stating this, Trump seemed to think he needed to back track from being too positive about prisoners getting jobs and insulted every black person at the summit by assuming that some in the crowd were felons, just because of their skin color.

“People are hiring people who got out of prison and giving them a second chance, or even a third chance… I don’t mean every one [is a good black ex-felon] because there’s no… even in this room we probably have a couple of BAD ones. Are there any BAD ones?” Trump said.

This is clearly racial stereotyping at its worst because Trump is assuming that a room full of blacks must have felons within it. Footage from the event can be seen here, but since the media is focused on the crazy Trump “MAGABomber,” there are no clips available yet. To give you an idea of the young black leaders who went to see Trump at this summit, just check out the footage below. It speaks for itself.

“Our Black-owned businesses are turning into taco stands overnight because of illegal immigrants.” – Trump supporter (Young Black Leadership Summit)


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