Trump Sends Deranged Ultimatum to Prince Harry and Fiance Meghan Markle, The U.K. Is In a State of Shock

When Prince Harry proposed to American actress Meghan Markle, the thought of the Trumps and Obamas both attending the wedding entered most people’s minds. Meghan Markle has denounced Trump publicly, and Prince Harry is friends with Obama.

Media outlets predicted that Trump would get snubbed, while Harry would invite the Obamas. However, recent reports suggest the opposite may occur since Trump is a brat. British officials fear that U.K. relations with the U.S. could deteriorate if Harry refuses to invite Trump.

Michael Wolff’s new book says Prime Minister Theresa May’s potential Brexit trade deal with the United State rests on the shoulders of Harry. If Trump “gets what he wants,” which is an invite to the royal wedding, the U.K. believes Trump will go through with the Brexit deal.

Another British controversy involving Trump is his possible state visit that would include a meeting with the Queen. British officials, including PM Theresa May, want to avoid “Trumpalising” the Queen. In other words, they don’t want the Trump reality TV show to defile the dignity of the Queen.

Wolff wrote, “He sees the Queen in reality TV show terms. That’s the Trump modus operandi. He will try to Trumpalise the Queen and Buckingham Palace.”

The U.K. already despises Trump. One can only imagine the profound disgust the British would feel if he gets anywhere near the Queen or steals the spotlight at Prince Harry’s wedding. The U.K. must weigh the importance of the Brexit deal against the country’s honor.


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