Trump Shows Off New “wall” He Just Built, But It’s Not Even Finished In The Footage & It’s Not A Wall

Apparently Donald Trump has just built a “powerful Wall” in New Mexico 47 days ahead of schedule, or so he claims, in a post he made to his social media this afternoon. The only thing is that this new “wall” doesn’t look anything like a wall and it isn’t even finished in the footage Trump shared.

This insanity can only be explained by one thing, which we will explore below, but first let’s look at the insanity. The footage Trump posted is below, and I don’t know about you, but that looks like a fence to me. It also looks like a rush job as the pieces aren’t even. The best part is that the footage is significantly sped up, but even with the speed up, the section shown in the footage is not complete when it stops playing!

You have to wonder why the “wall” isn’t even finished in Trump’s own video! It cuts off before the workers even finished! Probably because it looked like the workers in the video were rushing. If you look at the top of the fence pieces, they are all uneven, so they probably had to cut the camera off to go back and redo everything.

Trump is off his rocks today because he just found out that special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report is going to be released next week. He is obviously still hoping the report won’t be released because he refused to answer whether it will be released and instead praised his new Attorney General Barr in the hopes that maybe Barr won’t release it.

Trump clearly can’t think straight because of the report, as during this same interview, he claimed the EU never met with former President Obama or his administration. Obama was loved in the EU, so this is just negligent nonsense from the “president.” He always gets this way when he’s nervous about being impeached. He attacks President Obama to try and relieve his stress. When Mueller’s report is released, nothing he does will be able to reduce the stress.


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