Trump Signs Deal with Johnson & Johnson for Coronavirus Vaccine, But Delivery Date Isn’t What He Promised

Remember how Donald Trump repeatedly said we would have a Coronavirus vaccine in as quickly as two months? He did this at the White House, even as Dr. Fauci told him that he was out of his mind for thinking it would be ready that quickly, as seen in the footage below. Feel free to refresh your memory, and then we will see how it is now proven that Trump gave the nation completely false hope.

Looks like the experts were correct and Trump was wrong. This Monday morning, big pharma mega corporation Johnson & Johnson announced that they officially made a $1 billion deal with the Trump administration to test, manufacture, and deliver a vaccine for Coronavirus. The deal calls for at least 1 billion doses to be made.

But despite Trump’s unwarranted optimism, Johnson & Johnson said they will start human trials…maybe by this September. They are hoping to have the vaccine ready by early next year, but only if we are lucky and they can get an emergency use authorization from the government.

CNN’s Jake Tapper confirmed the timing of the vaccine, “CNN Health: Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson announced on Monday that it plans to initiate human clinical trials of its Covid-19 vaccine candidate by September, and anticipates the first batches of the vaccine could be available for emergency use by early next year.”

What does this mean? Simple. Trump wasn’t even in the ball park, he was on another planet. How many people did he give false hope to? This is why Trump is dangerous, because he will ignore the experts and come up with ideas solely off the top of his head. How many decisions did he make in responding to the virus on the thought that we would have a vaccine in a few months, rather than next year?


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