Trump Supporters Give Interview That Says It All About How Stupid They Are

CNN hosted a panel of Trump voters on air to talk about health care, that was truly cringe worthy. One such supporter, who had been featured on stage during one of President Trump’s rallies, couldn’t answer the most basic question possible about why he supports Trump.

“President Trump has changed my life, and the promises he’s made, he’s doing them.” said the supporter, after hyping up how great Trump is and how much he loved sharing a stage with him at one of Trump’s rallies.

“Such as?” asked CNN’s host, in response to the supporter’s claim that Trump is keeping his promises.

“Oh well you just think about, let’s think about as in um, with uh, uh, uh you know…” said the supporter. His mind clearly went blank, as it was revealed that Trump hasn’t kept any promises.

“Well, what promises has he made to you that he’s kept?” asked CNN’s host, trying to help the supporter out.

“Well let’s think about it, you know, I right now,” said the Trump supporter, before being cut off by another, who had to come in and bail him out with his own answer.

Sorry, but if you claim someone is great and is living up to their promises, and then you can’t list any, you’re just stupid. There’s no other way around it. Don’t make claims that you know are patently false, then you don’t have to look so ignorant. You can watch the entire clip of it below.


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