Trump Surrogate Embarrasses Christian Community By Comparing Trump To Jesus

Trump-friendly Fox News has no shortage of absurd Trump defenses, and this new just may take the cake. Right-wing Christians love Trump because they’ve successfully convinced their followers that Trump is a deity who was sent down from their God to save America.

Fox Business welcomed Trump surrogate Steve Cortes this week to discuss the possibility of Oprah Winfrey running for president in 2020.

First, Fox host Stuart Varney and Cortes discussed Oprah’s need to convey her policy stances. Cortes commented, “I don’t know what Oprah believes,” but “I do know this, that she lives in a world of absolute media adoration and I think that would change very quickly after getting in the business of politics.”

Cortes then took a gratuitous shot at the Democratic Party, saying that it’s infested by “tired, old Washington swamp rats.”

However, nothing Cortes said can compete with the following zinger. Cortes firmly stated that “If Donald Trump has three more years like the year he just had of amazing successes, he can run against a combined ticket of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, and he will still win in 2020.”

These laughable Trump promotions have crossed into the territory of insulting. How can anyone believe that Trump is godlike? Would a holy man waste most of his time engaging in petty personal feuds while most of Puerto Rico is living without electricity?

Cortes’ blasphemous remark is an affront to the Christian community.

Watch the clip below:


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