Trump Tells Iraqi Govt U.S. Should Stay Because They Don’t Want “Iran running the company”

Washington D.C. is buzzing with activity as lawmakers return from their holiday break. Donald Trump gave one of his first press conferences since returning to the White House, while meeting with the prime minister of Greece, where he responded to a letter that received a lot of attention yesterday.

A letter was sent to the Iraqi government yesterday that stated that the United States military would respect their parliament’s wishes and begin procedures to pull U.S. troops out of the country. Donald Trump responded to questions from reporters during his press conference about the letter, “What do you say to the Iraqi government about the possibility of U.S. forces leaving, based on that letter?”

“Well I don’t know anything about that letter. I don’t know if that letter was a hoax,” Trump responded. The reporter followed up and said that, “But the Iraqi government is taking you at your word. They expect U.S. forces to leave.”

Trump responded and said, “Well I think it’s the worst thing that could happen to Iraq. If we leave, that would mean that Iran would have a much bigger foothold, and the people of Iraq do not want to see Iran running the company.” Trump realized he had said “company” and quickly corrected himself by saying, “The country. That I can tell you.” Even though it was a mistake, it shows Trump’s state of mind. You can see it all in the footage below.

This is one of the major issues with Trump, he thinks you can run the government like a business. Unfortunately this is a similar issue we could run into with Mike Bloomberg. We don’t need anymore businessmen running the country, we’ve already seen what that is like with Trump.


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