Trump Thinks Pelosi Won’t Impeach, But Schiff Confirmed ‘overwhelming’ Evidence Sunday Morning

Democrats might be enjoying the element of surprise with impeachment because Donald Trump seems to think that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not going to bring a vote on articles of impeachment to the House floor, but he is horribly mistaken.

?No, I don?t expect it,? Trump said in an interview on ?Fox & Friends” Friday,? ?I think it?s very hard for them to impeach you when they have absolutely nothing.” Trump said he doesn’t expect the House to impeach him, but that if they do, he will call House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff to testify in the Senate’s impeachment trial.

Adam Schiff responded to both of Trump’s ideas this morning on CNN’s “State of the Union” and completely obliterated them. Schiff first responded to Trump’s ridiculous request that he testify, “What would I offer in terms of testimony? That I heard Dr. Hill say such and such? The only reason them to go through this is to mollify the president and that?s not a good reason to call a member of congress.”

Schiff continued and said that if Republicans “go down this road” it shows a “fundamental lack of seriousness” and said it would turn the Senate impeachment trial into a “circus like the president would like.” Schiff made the only point he needed to regarding Trump wanting him to testify, which is why? There’s absolutely no point and it would at best be for Trump a temporary and short delay in completing the Senate trial and removing Trump from office.

Schiff also showed that Trump’s expectation that Nancy Pelosi will not bring a House vote on impeachment is completely unfounded. Schiff all but confirmed that the House will impeach,??The evidence is overwhelming. …the facts are really not contested. It is really not contested what the president did. I certainly think that the evidence has that been produced overwhelmingly shows serious misconduct by the president.”

Schiff confirmed later on in the morning that there is still more work to be done in gathering evidence to bring an airtight case of impeaching Trump to a House vote and then eventually to the Senate.


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