Trump Threatens To Take Away NFL Player’s Incomes While On Vacation In New Jersey

Donald Trump Friday morning renewed his racially based attacks on NFL players who protest during the national anthem, while on vacation at his club in Bedminster, New Jersey, where he has been obsessing about Mueller’s probe. He took it to a new level this morning, by threatening to take away the player’s income and hitting them with suspensions.

Trump also minimized NFL player’s protests by claiming they want to show their ‘outrage’ at “something that most of them are unable to define.” This is a ridiculous response from Trump because the NFL players clearly defined why they are protesting, as seen in a post by Colin Kaepernick below, which is what set Trump off this morning.

“The NFL players are at it again – taking a knee when they should be standing proudly for the National Anthem. Numerous players, from different teams, wanted to show their “outrage” at something that most of them are unable to define. They make a fortune doing what they love. Be happy, be cool! A football game, that fans are paying soooo much money to watch and enjoy, is no place to protest. Most of that money goes to the players anyway. Find another way to protest. Stand proudly for your National Anthem or be Suspended Without Pay!” Trump said.

Trump’s new attack on NFL players comes a day after NFL pre-season games that were played last night, during which players from several teams protested during “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Kaepernick praised the players, citing their protest of “systemic oppression.”


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