Trump Trashes NFL Football & Protesters Of Police Brutality Ahead Of Superbowl

It’s Superbowl Sunday,?which has been the?most watched?American television event for years, with over 114.4 million viewers on average. Donald Trump decided to bash the NFL the morning before the Superbowl because he remains entrenched in his anti-kneeling/anti-brown people position against NFL players like Colin Kaepernick.

Trump began his trashing of the NFL by saying that he would not let his son Barron play football. Trump said that he instead lets Barron play soccer. This was Trump trying to make it look like has has some humanity and is a father, but it’s really just him furthering his personal vendetta against minorities and the NFL. We all know Trump doesn’t do any parenting.

“Would I steer him that way? No, I wouldn’t. I just don’t like the reports that I see coming out having to do with football,” Trump said, then pivoting to the sport being dangerous, but we all know what reports he really doesn’t like about the NFL (kneeling). Trump also said the NFL is a “great product,” you can see it in the footage below.

Trump was directly asked if he can understand the “point” behind kneeling during the anthem and whether he is “sensitive” to their cause. Trump only said that he understands the “motivation” behind the kneeling, but would not say that he is sensitive of it.

He stood strong by his feeling that players should not kneel during the anthem and refused to acknowledge police brutality. Even if he secretly understood these issues, he could never risk upsetting his base by showing any signs of agreeing with minorities who face police brutality.


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