Trump Tried To Exploit NFL Player’s Death This Morning But It Just Failed Completely

This Tuesday morning, Trump posted on social media about an incident involving a football player who was killed in a terrible accident on Sunday morning.

Trump is attempting to exploit the incident in hopes of winning greater support for his policies towards undocumented immigrants, but it is about to backfire spectacularly, as the player’s roommate just spoke out.

On Sunday morning, Edwin Jackson, linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts, was struck and killed by a drunken driver, while standing on the side of the interstate with his friend, Jeffrey Monroe, who had pulled the car over due to Jackson being ill. Here is what Trump said about the accident this morning.

Jackon’s roommate has spoken out about Trump’s statements and said that his friend would not want his death politicized. In an interview posted Tuesday by CBS News, Chad Bouchez said that Jackson would “absolutely not” want his death politicized.

“He would not want that,” Bouchez said, “I don’t think Edwin would have judged anyone on where they were from or anything else.”

State Police identified the suspect as Manuel Orrego-Savala, a Guatemalan citizen who is in the country illegally and was deported twice in the past 10 years. Orrego-Savala’s blood-alcohol level was allegedly three times the legal limit. Since he was already deported twice before, it is unclear how Trump’s policies would have helped here.


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