Trump Tries to Get Everyone Buying Up All the Toilet Paper to Stop But Makes It Worse

Unless you live under a rock, you are aware that supermarkets and stores across the nation are running into serious supply issues. People have lost their got dan minds and are buying up all the toilet paper and everything else beyond levels that they could possibly need.

This is a situation in which the government needs to step in and put an end to the madness, but Donald Trump made everything worse today during his brief appearance at a News Conference at the White House early this evening. Not only did Trump fail to take action against the hoarders, but he also gave them reason to hoard more! His message was totally off from Dr. Fauci, as we are about to explore.

Trump said he spoke with grocery chain executives, who revealed to him that the panic hoarding has resulted in sales higher than that of Christmas. His response? “There?s no need for anybody in the country to hoard essential food supplies, they said to me. Have a nice dinner, relax. because there?s plenty. You don?t have to buy the quantities, because it?s hard to refill the stores on a basis as rapid as they’re refilling them,” Trump uselessly said.

You can see Trump’s comments in the footage below. This just makes everything worse because Trump is revealing that they are struggling to keep stores full and that they can barely get them restocked. This is just going to cause people to hoard more because Trump is confirming that there are shortages and there is no end in sight to the shortages.

All Trump did was point out a problem, but offer no solutions. When was the last time you were dealing with someone panicking and had success in telling them to relax? People are not going to relax! The government needs to take action to limit supplies, otherwise the hoarders are just going to keep on hoarding.

Think of all the people who still have not gotten what they need because of the hoarders. The second they get in there, because Trump has revealed the stores are struggling to keep stock, what are they going to do? They are going to become hoarders too! We needed a leader to come out and basically threaten people and the stores to start placing limits on essentials. Instead Trump just basically told everyone to become a hoarder.


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