Trump Turns White House Celebration for LSU Football Players Into Campaign Rally Against Their Will

The Louisiana State University (LSU) football team was reminded today why sports teams often refuse an invitation to visit the White House from Donald Trump. While praising one of the team’s players, Trump could not resist going into campaign mode and started praising himself and bashing his predecessors.

?Coach if you’d like, we can take whoever wants to come to the Oval Office. We?ll take pictures behind the Resolute Desk,? Trump said, at which point he started hating on past presidents. ?It?s been there a long time, a lot of presidents, some good, some not so good.?

?But you?ve got a good one now, even though they?re trying to impeach the son of a b*tch. Can you believe that?? Trump said. ?We?ve got the greatest economy we?ve ever had, Joe.? Many of the players looked around awkwardly as they were now on video with Trump saying this craziness.

?We?ve got the greatest military. We rebuilt it. We took out those terrorists like your football team would have taken out those terrorists, right?? Trump continued, as seen in the footage below. You can note the looks on the player’s faces, as many were obviously not happy with Trump’s remarks.

So many teams refuse to visit the White House while Trump is in there desecrating it, that perhaps this team forgot why. What happened to this LSU football team was to be expected and will send a reminder to other teams thinking of visiting. Fortunately Trump will not be in the White House much longer so our athletes will not be used as political props against their will for much longer.


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