Trump Will Hate That Mitt Romney Just Got The Treatment He Wishes He Could Get Overseas

It is basically a huge event every time Donald Trump makes a trip abroad for two reasons. First is that he is hated overseas, and second, is that Trump’s team is much more limited in their ability to control the media coverage of him, so when he’s overseas, we get to see an unfiltered look at how people really feel about Trump.

During Trump’s last big overseas trip, he was literally mocked behind his back by world leaders and ended his trip short because of it. Due to his bad experiences overseas, he is going to be extremely jealous when he finds out how the Germans treated Mitt Romney over the weekend.

Romney traveled to the Munich Security Conference over the weekend, which is held annually in Germany, where he gave an interview with a panel. Important to note is that the day prior to Romney’s interview, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, called out the Trump administration and said during a speech, ?Our closest ally, the United States of America, under the current administration, rejects the very concept of the international community. ?Great again? but at the expense of neighbors and partners.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tried to do damage control in remarks after Germany’s President and said, ?I?m happy to report that the death of the transatlantic alliance is grossly overexaggerated. The West is winning, and we?re winning together.” This conflicting information shows how relations between Germany and the United States are not good, specifically because of Trump. Here is where Romney enters.

Before his discussion, Romney was introduced with glowing remarks and as ?probably the most courageous lawmaker? in the United States. This is obviously in reference to Romney being the only GOP Senator to vote to convict Trump. You can see this great introduction in the short clip below.

This will definitely make it’s way back to Trump and his team because they have been obsessing over ways to punish Romney for voting to convict Trump. They’ve been following his every move and won’t be happy to see how Romney received the introduction and treatment Trump wishes he could get from our allies.


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