Trump Worried Over Impeachment Vote During NATO Trip, But It’ll Be Bad For Him There Too

Donald Trump whined and complained on social media last night over House Intelligence Committee Chairman and Representative Adam Schiff’s upcoming Tuesday vote that will detail the exact constitutional grounds for the legal congressional removal of Trump from the White House because the vote will occur while Trump is in the UK for a NATO summit.

Trump is so worried about the impeachment vote that he probably does not realize that there will be one of the biggest protests against him ever. Trump and other NATO leaders are scheduled to meet the Queen of England at a 6pm drinks reception at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, where a massive protest will greet Trump.

National Health Service (NHS) professionals in the UK, ?including doctors and nurses, are going to lead a protest of tens of thousands outside Buckingham Palace. This protest will be unavoidable for Trump. The protesters are worried about many potential risks to the NHS in a future US-UK trade deal and they want Trump to hear their voices.

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson is literally begging Trump to not get involved with NHS issues and said in a recent interview, ?It?s best when you have close friends and allies like the US and the UK for neither side to be involved in each other?s election campaigns.? ?The last time Trump was in the UK in June, he said that ?everything is on the table,” specifically including the NHS in trade talks.

Trump is arriving in the UK late Monday night which means he will have extra free time on Tuesday before the Buckingham Palace reception. This free time is what has NHS protesters and PM Johnson worried, because there are rumors Trump will do some interviews and further meddle in British politics. We will be following Trump’s trip this week so feel free to check back in for the latest updates.


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