Trump Jr Just Went Into Panic Mode & Showed He’s Terrified Of Mueller’s Russia Probe

The White House is claiming that Donald Trump Jr is innocent of any collusion with the Russians, according to what Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters at an off camera press briefing today, “Don Jr. did not collude with anybody to influence the election.” They can talk all they want, but like usual, actions speak louder than words.

Reuters reports today that Trump Jr. has hired attorney Alan Futerfas to represent him, as Mueller’s special counsel conducts its probe into Russia’s election meddling. Futerfas is a White Collar crime defense lawyer master, who has extensive experience defending against high profile criminal investigations. He has even won a criminal appeal to the Supreme Court, so Trump Jr clearly isn’t playing around with his defense here.

Two reports from The New York Times over the weekend, revealed that Trump Jr met with a Russian lawyer, who allegedly promised him damaging information on presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Trump Jr. has admitted to meeting with the lawyer, but only denied that he received any damaging information on Clinton, and not that he met with the lawyer because they promised him damaging information.

Jr’s hiring of a lawyer like Futerfas is an action that speaks louder than the Trump team’s words. They are strongly denying that any wrongdoing occurred, but if that was true, then why does Jr need a lawyer? If his meeting with the Russian lawyer, and own admissions of collusion are not a crime, then he wouldn’t feel like he needs a criminal defense lawyer.


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