Trump Team In Panic As Lies About Colluding With The Russians Are Falling Apart

Donald Trump Jr. has punched a large hole through the entire Trump team’s lies and denials about colluding with the Russians, sending the White House into “turmoil.” The Trump team has vehemently denied any meetings or collusion with the Russians to damage Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign, but thanks to Trump Jr., we now have solid evidence that says otherwise. The Trump team is desperately trying to contain their lies as they fall apart, starting with Kellyanne Conway this morning.

Donald Trump Jr. literally said he went to a meeting with a Russian lawyer who promised to give him damaging information about Hillary Clinton because he “had to listen.”

Kellyanne gave an interview with George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America this morning, which has started a domino effect that will see even more of the administration’s lies fall apart. Kellyanne was shown a clip from last year, in which she strongly denied that there had been any contact between the Trump campaign and Russian government officials.

Her denial has now been exposed with concrete evidence, after White House aides leaked a damning report that revealed that Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner, had all met with a Russian connected lawyer last year, because they believed the lawyer would offer up damaging information about Hillary Clinton. Damning enough, then President-elect Trump started Tweeting about Clinton’s emails at night, after Trump Jr. and company met with the Russian lawyer.

Conway was asked why she had made those lies, and revealed that the Trump team is already going back and attempting to switch up Government forms they were required to file after Trump was elected, in which they were required to disclose this meeting. “So as I understand it, George, some of those public disclosure forms have been amended since that time to reflect other meetings, including this one,” Conway replied.

Conway then panicked and said that Trump Jr. didn’t actually receive any useful information from the meeting and so that the meeting wasn’t collusion as a result. This in and of itself confirms that Trump Jr. had the intent of meeting with the Russian lawyer to obtain damaging information on Hillary Clinton, and thus is evidence of collusion. It doesn’t matter if he actually received information or not, as he had the intent.

Conway then quickly pivoted, and said that Trump Jr. didn’t actually receive any damning information about Clinton during the meeting, which she claimed proved that he didn’t collude with anyone from the Russian government. You can watch this interview in the video below.

It would be fair to speculate that the aides who leaked this information from within the White House, were probably motivated by how President Trump conducted himself with Russia during the G20 Summit. Trump accepted Putin’s assurances that Russia did not hack our election last year, despite unanimous reporting from US intelligence stating otherwise. Perhaps these aides were trying to give Trump and his minions the benefit of the doubt, but after they saw how he was with Putin, they no longer had any doubt.


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