We Just Found Out Why Macron Seems To Love Trump So Much, They Share Negative Traits

Many have been confused as to why French President Emmanuel Macron has seemed to have taken a liking of President Trump. Macron was seen palling around with Trump at the G20 Summit, and just voluntarily hosted Trump in France this week, where he even treated Trump to dinner at one of the nicest restaurants in the world.

So why is Macron quite literally the only world leader that’s voluntarily going out of their way to spend time with Trump? We seem to have found the answer. Macron may be more similar to Trump than meets the eye, as he was caught displaying his own misogyny and racism recently, during the G20 Summit and during his visit with Trump this week. Macron’s misdeeds have gone largely unreported, until now.

President Macron made some fairly racist remarks at the G20 summit, that are now being widely criticized, yet went unnoticed until a few days ago, after they were reported on by French media. Macron is being criticized for saying that aid for Africa would be a waste of money, because families in Africa have too many children. “When countries still have seven or eight children per woman, you can decide to spend billions of euros, you won’t stabilize anything,” he said.

Macron further made insensitive and factually incorrect statements, drawing condemnation across social media. “The challenge of Africa is completely different, it is much deeper. It is civilizational today. Failing states, complex democratic transitions, the demographic transition. One of the essential challenges of Africa … is that in some countries today seven or eight children are born to each woman.” said Macron. This is despite the fact that the number of children per woman in most African countries is declining, and currently averages at about 4.9 children per mother.

It’s no surprise that Macron’s comments went mostly unnoticed at the G20 Summit, especially here in the states. The focus was clearly on Trump, and of course, the French media needed to be the ones policing Macron’s comments, and it seems they took their time.

In addition to these racist remarks, a fairly eye opening report about what Macron did to his wife Brigitte, as they brought the Trumps on a tour of the historic complex of buildings Les Invalides in Paris, shows that Macron may be a perpetrator of negative treatment towards women, just like Trump.

While the couples toured museums and monuments in Paris, Macron reportedly gave his wife a “tap on the read end”. This “rear-end tap” was spotted by a White House reporter for the New York Times, Maggie Haberman. Macron’s wife reportedly “looked surprised and smiled.” So in other words, Macron slapped his wife on the a** in view of reporters and other people.

Before you try to say that it’s not a big deal, imagine if Obama was caught touching Michelle’s rear in public. Imagine too, that if Trump touched Melania’s rear in public, there would be huge and justified outcry across the spectrum. If a woman wants it, it’s no big deal, but that sort of behavior is really unacceptable from a leader of a prominent nation. Our leaders must be held to higher standards, and touching butts in public, falls below that standard.

It seems clear based off this irrefutable evidence, that Macron is not exactly what he has been hyped up to be. He received a lot of admiration for standing up to President Trump and slighting him in the past, but the two seem to have moved past that. There could be more beneath the surface, or maybe there isn’t. But it is certainly possible, based off this evidence, that Macron is a bit more like Trump than what has been made public, which would explain why he is the only leader going out of their way to hang out with Trump.


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