President Trump Starts Off The Week Justifying Collusion With Russia With Horrible Excuse

President Trump took to social media this Monday morning to defend Trump Jr’s collusion with Russia last year. It’s disturbing to watch the Trump team’s lies transform from complete denial, to now complete justification for their collusion. He’s not even bothering to deny that they did anything wrong anymore.

“Most politicians would have gone to a meeting like the one Don jr attended in order to get info on an opponent. That’s politics!” Trump posted today on social media.

This essentially indirectly admits an attempt at collusion with the Russians, because Trump is acknowledging that Jr went to the meeting “in order to get info on an opponent”, and justified it by basically saying that everyone does, when he says “That’s politics!” and “Most politicians would.” This is like blowing through a red light, and then saying, “So what? Everyone does it!”

Making the argument that most politicians would have taken the meeting with the Russians, in and of itself is admitting to wrongdoing. Doing something wrong, and then justifying it by saying that everyone does it, is basically the worse and weakest excuse you could ever use.

This also really punches a hole through Trump’s “brand” that he is not a politician. He has essentially admitted that his team operates as “most politicians” do, since they apparently did what “most politicians” would do.

This further shows President Trump’s inability to ever admit wrongdoing, which will be his downfall. Imagine if he admitted that it was wrong for Jr to meet with the Russians last year, maintained that they received no damaging information, and promised to start taking steps to prevent Russian meddling in our upcoming mid term elections, and then eventually our 2020 election. That will never happen, even though that is probably the only way for Trump to take some heat off himself and his team.

Trump Jr. has said the meeting “went nowhere” and that the Trump campaign received no useful information from the Russians. But actions speak louder than words, and as the Trump team denies any wrongdoing, they have announced the appointment of Ty Cobb, a veteran Washington lawyer with experience as a federal prosecutor and defense attorney, as special counsel at the White House.


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