New Data Shows President Trump Moving At Impeachment 2x Faster Than Nixon

President Trump’s “alleged” collusion with the Russians, resulting in the current Trump-Russia scandal, is moving Trump towards impeachment at a rate that is shockingly faster than former President Nixon’s scandal, that led to his resignation from office on on August 9, 1974.

A new Monmouth University poll reveals that Americans support the impeachment of President Trump almost twice as much as they did for Nixon, at the same stage in each President’s scandals. A massive 41% of Americans currently support impeaching Trump, while only 26% supported Nixon’s impeachment six months into his second term, as the Watergate scandal was breaking. Unity among Democrats is strong too, as only 34% of Democrats supported impeaching Nixon in the summer of 1973, compared to 70% of Democrats who support impeaching Trump today.

When it comes to our legal system, public opinion can in fact impact the way laws are applied. Courts can indeed choose to reinterpret existing case law precedent, based on public opinion at the time. It is very important that the public supports the impeachment and subsequent conviction and removal from office of President Trump.

It’s important because only two previous US presidents have been impeached in United States history, and neither was convicted of the charges filed against them. This means that removing Trump from office through conviction, would be a historically new decision, that would set precedent for potential future impeachments. Because there is no strong case law precedent for this situation, public opinion would play a heavy role in deciding Trump’s fate.

The new poll also revealed more interesting data on how Americans are viewing this disastrous Trump administration, that you can view here.


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