Trump’s 2020 Re-election Odds Doomed After Florida Coronavirus Approval Data Comes In

Three unique pieces of data have been reported today for the state of Florida that all indicate Donald Trump has little chance of winning the state in the elections later this year. Trump simply cannot afford to lose the crucial swing state of Florida.

The first piece of data we got this morning revealed that 53%, more than half of Florida voters, disapprove of Trump’s response to coronavirus. Even more voters, at 58%, also do not trust Trump to provide reliable information on the crisis.

The second piece of data, which goes right along with the first, is that a majority of Florida voters say they approve of GOP Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s. 51% of Florida voters approve of their Governor and 55% trust the information he is providing.

These two pieces of data provide a side by side comparison of two GOP politician’s approval in the same state with the same voters. The fact is that Florida voters overall approve of their GOP Governor but disapprove of Trump. This will have a devastating impact on Trump in the general election.

But wait, it gets worse for Trump because we got a third piece of data! This same poll from Florida shows that 2020 Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden is enjoying a solid 6 percentage point lead over Trump. The poll shows Biden has the support of 46% of registered Florida voters compared to Trump’s 40%.

Democrats won two of the last three presidential elections in Florida, with Trump winning it in 2016 by less than 1.5%, and DeSantis with 0.4%. Coronavirus will be on everyone’s mind all year and people will carry these feelings to the polls. It will probably be the number one issue voters will consider and voters in Florida do not approve of Trump’s handling of the situation. It doesn’t take a genius to see how this has significantly doomed Trump’s re-election!


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