Trump’s Attack On Legitimacy Of Mueller’s Probe Just Fell Apart After FBI Agent Cleared Of Bias

Trump and the GOP have no real way to defend against special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, which is why they have resorted to attacking the legitimacy of the probe for as far back as we can remember.

One of the main ways they have attacked the legitimacy of Mueller’s probe, is by making a big deal out of FBI agent Peter Strzok, who was removed from the investigation last year. Trump and the GOP have claimed that Strzok’s text messages about candidate Trump, proved that Mueller’s probe was illegitimate because of the bias of the agents running the probe.

Unfortunately for Trump and the GOP, this attack on Mueller’s probe has just been put to bed. With an explosive new report, we have just learned that FBI agent Peter Strzok played a key role in drafting the letter that former FBI Director James Comey read to congress just days before the 2016 election.

FBI agent Peter Strzok wrote the first draft of Comey’s letter to Congress and he supported reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server. The day after Strzok wrote the letter, Comey released it to Congress, which may have been what cost Hillary Clinton such a close election.

So in conclusion, the takeaway from this explosive new report, is that the only agent that Trump and the GOP could have tried to claim was bias from Mueller’s probe, clearly was not bias at all. If anything, he made a terrible decision that cost Hillary Clinton the election, as the investigation involving her emails was made public, even though she was not and has not been charged, and the investigation into Trump’s campaign was not.

Read the full report here for more.


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