Trump’s Effort To Remove Dictator Maduro Backfires After Maduro Calls Trump’s Bluff ‘stop’

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro was showing signs of weakness last week as the Trump administration moved to try and remove him from power, but everything changed today after Maduro viciously spoke out against Donald Trump. Trump seriously misunderstood everything about Venezuela and he is now faced with a dictator calling his bluff and daring him to go to war.

Maduro?warned Trump?that he risks staining “his hands with blood” if he tries to invade Venezuela with the U.S. military,?”Stop, stop Donald Trump, stop there, you are making mistakes that are going to stain your hands with blood and you will leave the presidency stained with blood.”?Maduro also told Trump, “not to repeat Vietnam in Latin America.”

Maduro even went to the extreme?and?called Trump the “head” of the KKK. “Europe and the world need to know that the White House has been taken over by an extremist. It is like the Klu Kluk Klan arrived in the White House and Donald Trump is the head of the KKK.”

Maduro’s warnings come alongside similar warnings from Russia. Today Russia warned against ?destructive meddling? in?Venezuela?after many European nations recognized opposition leader?Juan Guaido?as interim president. ?The international community?s goal should be to help [Venezuela], without destructive meddling from beyond its borders,? Alexander Shchetinin, head of the Latin America department at Russia?s foreign ministry said.

The key mistake made in the Trump administration’s attempt to remove Maduro from power, is similar to what happened when Trump decided to abruptly pull out of Syria. Trump doesn’t do his homework and does not make any effort to understand foreign affairs before taking a position on them.

Trump did not bother to understand the basics of what keeps Maduro in power. It doesn’t take a lot of research to learn that Maduro maintains power in Venezuela by coordinating corrupt parts of the Venezuelan military with powerful and neighboring?Colombian cartels. In addition, Venezuela has deep ties to Russia.

You cannot remove Maduro from power unless you make a deal with the cartel, which essentially means installing a replacement leader that will be friendly to the cartels. Trump and his entire administration are backing?Juan Guaid? against Maduro, but he is not known to have any links to the cartels. It is horrible that the cartels must be considered in removing Maduro, but it is simply the reality of the situation.

Now Trump has Maduro daring him to start a war because he knows there is little chance Trump will invade. He has called Trump’s bluff, after Trump has repeatedly said that invading Venezuela is an “option.” Maduro is backed by Russia and the Cartels, while an invasion of Venezuela would be disastrous politically for Trump.

Unfortunately Maduro is a terrible dictator, but now he is stronger because it looks like he is going to survive Trump’s attempt to remove him. This will make opposition to Maduro even more scared to try and remove him.


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