Trump’s Morning Ritual Just Leaked, And He’s Ready to EXPLODE!

Over the holiday break, Trump told Americans on Christmas that he’d get back to work the following day. He then proceeded to go golfing at his course for a week straight. He attempted to thwart photographers by hiring a truck driver to block the entrance and planting trees to obstruct the view.

A new report by Axios just exposed his morning ritual, and it further proves that he isn’t a man who is hard at work every day. According to the report, Trump doesn’t start his workday until 11 a.m.

Trump begins most days watching TV while he tweets whatever deranged thoughts happen to pass through his mind. The White House calls Trump’s morning alone time “Executive Time.”

After “Executive Time,” Trump heads over to the Oval Office from the White House residence to get his daily intelligence briefing. The president then returns to the White House residence at 6 p.m.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders denied the Axios report, saying the president’s “time in the morning is a mix of residence time and Oval Office time but he always has calls with staff, Hill members, cabinet members and foreign leaders during this time.”

Sanders went on to say that Trump is “one of the hardest workers I’ve ever seen,” which doesn’t say much considering she’s probably never seen a person work hard in her life.

Then she came out with this doozy: “It has been noted by reporters many times that they wish he would slow down because they sometimes have trouble keeping up with him,” Sanders said.

The New York Times released a recent report saying that Trump watches up to eight hours of TV a day. Acknowledging his constant Fox News mentions, he appears to be glued to the TV more often than not.


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