Trump’s Plan To Fire Rosenstein Partially Leaked & He Doesn’t Care That It Will Be Obstruction

Trump’s initial plans to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein are underway and the first phase involves the White House putting a lot of pressure on Trump’s allies to get them to attack Rosenstein on television in order to build a case for firing him.

The sources that have revealed this information have spoken directly with Trump and told the Wall Street Journal that Rosenstein’s ouster is “a matter of when, not if.” Rosenstein of course appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller and oversees the Russia investigation, since Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from the investigation. Firing Rosenstein is the first step Trump needs to take on the path to firing Mueller.

Sources “familiar with the situation” told the Wall Street Journal that the White House has been urging Trump’s allies to lash out at Rosenstein, so that when Trump fires Rosenstein, it won’t look like an effort to interfere in the Russia investigation. In other words, Trump knows he will be committing obvious obstruction so his goal here is to not make it look like that, which will obviously fail.

Trump is under immense pressure to fire Rosenstein and obstruct justice after the FBI raided his attorney’s office. The FBI is so close to taking down Trump, that he is willing to outright obstruct justice again after firing Comey last year. He even has his former chief strategist Steve Bannon pushing him to fire Rosenstein and to stop cooperating with Mueller’s probe.

The fact that Rosenstein’s firing is a matter of “when” and not “if”, means the nation and congress need to prepare as soon as possible for this event. Trump will fire Rosenstein and then appoint someone who will end the Mueller investigation. History is repeating itself so congress must act preemptively.


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