Trump’s Racism Accidentally Slips Out in Talking About His Superbowl Ad on Criminal Justice Reform

Donald Trump ran a Super Bowl ad last night that was clearly designed to portray him as not being a racist, but Trump cannot help himself when he speaks, so the truth showed itself in a statement he made about the advertisement.

The Super Bowl ad champions the release of Alice Johnson, who was the victim of injustice after being sent to prison for life over outdated and racist drug laws designed to unfairly target black Americans. Trump is trying to take credit for the ad, but it was really Kim Kardashian’s lobbying of the White House that freed Johnson. Whatever you think about Kim Kardashian, this was a good thing she did.

Regardless of the fact that the Super Bowl ad is all about Trump trying to take credit for something he did not do, a statement he made with the ad on social media, showed his racism slip through the fakery. “I promised to restore hope in America. That includes the least among us. Together, let?s KEEP AMERICA GREAT!” Trump said of the ad, as seen below.

Wait a second. Least among us? The whole point of getting Johnson released from prison, is that her sentencing was completely unfair. Where in the facts is Johnson the “least” among us? When you think of someone who is the victim of injustice, you think of them as being wronged and an equal human being in society.

Why did Trump refer to Johnson as being among the “least” of us? Do we really have to explain it? Trump watched his own ad, and saw that it is all about helping out black Americans, and one of his first thoughts was that everyone in the ad is the “least” among us.

We know Trump’s true feelings on this situation because he did not come up with this on his own. It was an idea lobbied to him by a high profile celebrity, so he only did this to benefit himself. That’s why when he viewed the ad, because it is all black folk in the ad, he looked down on it. We know the truth and we aren’t buying this Super Bowl ad.


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