Trump’s Recent Behavior In White House Proves He Had Feelings Hurt After Being Called ‘Moron’

The NBC report that revealed that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had called President Trump a “moron,” or a “f**king moron,” which required Vice President Mike Pence to step in and save Tillerson’s job, is still driving Trump insane in the White House, to the point that Donald is whining and crying like a baby about it all day.

A new report from people familiar with events occurring in the White House, details how Trump won’t stop “venting” to his friends and senior aides specifically about NBC. Since Friday, Trump has started saying that the network is “run by morons,” according to two sources who have spoken to the president.

Trump constantly complains and whines all day about how NBC is “fake” and that they are out to “get” him in the “same way he [recently] did with CNN,” according to one White House official. These anonymous tipster’s revelations carry legitimate weight, as Trump complained on social media about NBC News and the Tillerson story for days, saying that NBC “is so knowingly inaccurate with their reporting.”

Trump is further upset because Tillerson held a press conference shortly after the “moron” story was published and denied certain aspects of the story, but did not deny the “moron” part of it. Tillerson’s clear refusal to deny calling Trump a moron reportedly caused Donald to be “enraged”and “steam and grumble” for hours straight afterwards.

It is bizarre and disturbing to have it confirmed that the president is truly mentally unstable and cannot keep it together. In all seriousness, it’s not that big of a deal that NBC reported what Tillerson called Trump, making Trump’s reaction a clear over reaction. The Right loves to call people “snowflakes” who cannot handle “mean” words, yet the president is essentially the biggest snowflake in the world right now, as he holds the most powerful position on the planet.


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