Trump’s Second Attack On Senator Blumenthal Just Backfired As Blumenthal Responds

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) made an appearance and responded to yet another attack from President Trump that came this afternoon. Blumenthal said he would not allow President Trump’s “bullying” to distract him. He is clearly being the bigger man and refusing to stoop to Trump’s level. Blumenthal also made comments that show Trump’s attacks have just backfired on him.

Blumenthal countered Trump’s bullying by reiterating that, “There is an ongoing special counsel investigation. It is real. It is based on fact. That’s what is important. That focus is what really matters. Our national security and rule of law is at risk. And that’s where our focus should be. It is not about me.”

The irony in all of this, is that Blumenthal’s fellow Marine, Robert Mueller, will be the one who drops the hammer on Trump’s crime family and sends them all to prison. Blumenthal was also asked whether there is some sort of personal issue between him and Trump. His response shows how much of a maniac Trump is.

“I have no idea about what is in his mind. What I do know is I will not be distracted by this bullying,” Blumenthal said, “And these bullying tweets reinforce for me the need for a piece of legislation that I am helping to lead with [North Carolina GOP Sen.] Thom Tillis and others, bipartisan coalition, to prevent firing of the special counsel, Robert Mueller.”

Once again, Trump’s own mouth and unhinged attitude, lands him in more trouble than he would be in, if he just kept it shut. Now Blumenthal is more motivated than ever to make sure that Mueller cannot be fired by Trump. Trump was having a bad day today because the weather in the northeast is cold and rainy, keeping him from playing golf. He decided to take out his frustration on Blumenthal, but it has clearly backfired in the worst way possible. He just helped protect Mueller’s probe even more than before, even though he wants to end it so badly.


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