U.S. Figure Skater Wins Historic Medal At Olympics & Then Gives Trump Bad News

U.S. figure skater Adam Rippon said he would boycott a visit to the White House. Rippon said that he would not go to the White House in an effort “to support my community.”

Rippon won a historic bronze medal by being the first openly gay athlete to do so for a U.S. Winter Olympic team.

“No, I have no desire to go to the White House,” he told The Daily Mail, “But I would like to do something to help my community.” Rippon added he would want to do “something positive and not just stay at home” during the White House visit, such as planning his own event in support of gay rights.

USA Today reported earlier this month that Rippon refused a meeting with Vice President Pence after the vice president’s staff reached out to the figure skater following his criticism of Pence.

Rippon said last month he disagreed with the Trump administration’s values. He added that Pence “doesn’t really stand for anything I believe in,” asserting that the vice president supported “gay conversion therapy.”


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