72 Year Old Anti-Trump Protestor Punched In The Face By Violent Thug Trump Supporter

The division between supporters of President Trump and the resistance against him, is getting worse every day. This week saw another terrible attack by a violent Trump supporter that resulted in a 72 year old protestor being punched in the face. That’s what our society is regressing into, beating up our elders.

The Trump supporter was seen wearing those signature, ignoramus identifying Trump “Make America Great Again” hats, when he decided to interrupt a peaceful anti-Trump protest. This thug was clearly just looking for a fight, and fortunately it was all captured on video.

The video begins when a protester, identified as 72 year old?”Greywolf”? by the Los Angeles, started arguing with aggressive thug Trump supporter, a much younger man. Greywolf became frustrated and hit the Trump supporter with his sign, sending the younger man into a violent rage, which included punching Greywolf in the face, sending him to the ground.

Greywolf shouldn’t have hit the Trump supporter with his sign, but there is no reason to be beating up a 72 year old over something like that. Greywolf provided no real physical threat to the younger man. The argument was very heated, and the Trump supporter was obviously agitating the situation. Tensions between the right and left are high, so these incidents can happen easily, as you can see below, in the video of this incident.

It’s getting so bad out there, that Judges are now ordering “buffer zones” at protests. People need to be separated because they literally can’t even be near each other. Anti-abortion activists were ordered by a judge today to stay away from a “buffer zone” outside Kentucky’s only abortion clinic, which is bracing for protests from a national group.

I had posted a few weeks ago that we should expect to see clashes between Trump supporters and the Resistance become more fierce. I think we are just getting started. It’s going to get even worse, no matter what the outcome of Mueller’s Russia probe is. If Trump starts going down, his supporters will lash out. If Trump fires Mueller, we realistically may see mass civil unrest. Prepare yourself accordingly.


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