Watch ‘Patriotic’ Draft-Dodging Trump Humiliate Himself Beyond Belief During the National Anthem

In 2016, one of Trump’s many seeds of divisiveness involved African-American NFL players who kneel in peaceful protest during the National Anthem. Former quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kaepernick, started the demonstrations as a way to raise awareness of unnecessary police brutality against African-Americans.

Instead of helping the players thwart a genuine problem in the United States, the president called them “sons of b*tches.” Since then, the football community has done its best to distance itself from Trump and his poisonous rhetoric.

Last night, Trump decided to visit the Georgia-Alabama NCAA Football title game, and he was met with a mixture of boos and applause. One Alabama player brazenly shouted “f*ck Trump,” while he walked through the tunnel to take the field.

Considering Trump vehemently scolded players for disrespecting the flag and members of the military over kneeling during the anthem, one could assume that he’d at least know the words to the song? Wrong.

Trump stood on the field with his hand over his heart and sparsely lipped lyrics while members of the Zac Brown Band serenaded the crowd.

Watch the president’s epic gaffe below:


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