We Just Got Our First Sign That Michael Cohen Is Considering Flipping On Trump

After the FBI raided Michael Cohen’s office, who is Trump’s personal lawyer, he took peculiar action in regards to interacting with the media, that signals that Cohen is already breaking away from Trump. Cohen gave his first remarks to Don Lemon and CNN, with CNN essentially being Donald Trump’s arch rival.

Very important, is that Don Lemon asked Cohen that if he could, would he do everything the same, in regards to the Stormy Daniels payment, or would he have done something different. Cohen answered that “Up until yesterday” he would, but after the raid, “he would have done things differently.”

This is so important because it means that Cohen feels regret, and who wants to go to jail feeling regretful when there is a chance to avoid jail; by flipping on Trump. If Cohen felt no regret and didn’t think he did anything wrong, then he would be less likely to flip on Trump because he would rather fight. He sounds like someone who isn’t interested in a fight and thus is already sending signals that he will flip. You can hear more of Don Lemon’s remarks on the footage below.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham (how is she still on air?) picked up on this as well and is already panicking at the thought of Cohen taking down Trump, “They catch up with him [Cohen] eventually but it’s [while he’s] on the phone with [CNN anchor] Don Lemon and then a reporter from ABC [Kyra Phillips]. Why is he going to media outlets that are fairly hostile to the president at this point? What do you think?” she asked. “One of the things about Cohen, if he talks about the hardship this has been on him and his family, come obviously one of the issues here is if he were charged with a crime, would he cooperate and would he be a bigger part of the Mueller investigation?”

Sure seems like he will cooperate! He has no choice! Cooperate or go to jail. Cohen must figure that he needs to get on the good side of the media to help his image after being tangled up with Trump’s horrible popularity. Cohen does not have the stomach for this and he is caught red handed. Why would he sacrifice himself and his family for Donald Trump of all people?


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