White House Officials Reveal Trump Is Colluding Daily With Fox News & Sean Hannity

The collusion between Donald Trump and Fox News is even worse than imagined, as the channel has truly become Trump state TV. A new report using White House officials as sources has revealed that Trump and  Fox News host Sean Hannity are significantly closer than previously thought and talk on the phone together multiple times per day.

Hannity typically calls Trump right after his show finishes at night around 10 P.M. and is one of the few people in the world who can reach Trump by phone immediately. Only “few dozen friends and family members outside the administration” can contact Trump at the White House so quickly.

White House staff know about the calls because Trump sees nothing wrong with them and likes to announce that he “just hung up with Hannity,” and often calls Hannity from his desk right in front of them. One White House official said that Hannity’s influence on the president “fills the void” left by former chief strategist Steve Bannon.

It does not take a genius to figure out what these two talk about nearly every night. Trump cares greatly about how he is portrayed in the media and Hannity is a talk show host. They are obviously colluding together to push out whatever propaganda they cook up on a daily basis during their phone calls.

You can also bet that Trump has revealed numerous pieces of classified information to Hannity since they talk so often. This is highly unethical behavior and proves that Fox News is nothing more than Trump state TV. People watching Fox either have no idea or are willfully blind to the fact that they are being duped by the White House and Fox.

What’s terrible about this arrangement is not only the deception, but that it makes Trump even worse because it has created what a former Trump official called a “f—ed-up feedback loop.” Hannity and Fox constantly praise everything Trump does and it gives Trump a false sense of achievement. But since it’s all propaganda, there is no achievement, and it puts Trump further into an alternate reality. Their relationship should be investigated immediately because the situation is almost certainly even worse than what’s being reported.


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