White House Tries To Grab Mic From Acosta After He Sends Trump Into Fury

Donald Trump was in a predictably sour mode after Democrats took back the House last night and gained everything they need to carry through with their promises to subpoena and investigate the Trump administration. CNN’s Jim Acosta confronted Trump about his characterization of the migrant caravan moving through Texas and managed to seriously set off Donald.

Trump lost it with Acosta because Acosta was asking all the right questions and Trump had no idea how to respond to him. Trump tried to silence Acosta before Acosta could ask a follow up question, something that had been granted to every other reporter at the conference. A White House aide then tried to steal the mic from Acosta, right before Acosta asked a question that truly set Trump off.

Acosta resisted and asked Trump if he was concerned that he has indictments coming his way. Acosta then gave up the mic and Trump lost it, “CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them. You are a rude terrible person. When you report fake news, you are the enemy of the people.” This lashing out, which comes just two weeks since CNN received bombs from a MAGA nut job who used this exact language, can be seen in the footage below.


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