You’re Going To Want To Throw Up When You See How Filthy Trump Has Made The White House

White House work orders obtained by NBC 4 Washington have uncovered the complete and utter filth that is desecrating Trump’s official residence. Ants, cockroaches, mice, and pure nastiness, are all a daily occurrence at the White House because of the dirtiness of the Trump administration.

These are just some of the gross things going on inside the White House that I found in the work orders list seen here. First is pest control treatment in the dining room for “cockroaches in the dining rooms” in the West Wing. Notice that someone is asking for treatment for rooms, so in other words, there is a cockroach infestation in the White House. You only get roaches one way folks and we all know it; nastiness.

Next is a suspicious “couch cleaning” request for a couch on the second floor of the West Wing. The second floor of the West Wing houses offices for the president’s staff, including various assistants, speechwriters, and the White House counsel.

This one is an eyeopener. “Please pick up dead mouse rm 205.” What!? There’s just so much to say about why a work order was needed for a dead mouse on the second floor.

Trump and people within his administration have no respect for anyone or anything and lack common decency, so it’s no wonder they are dirtying up the White House. They don’t respect it so they don’t care about it, which is why it is clearly falling into disrepair.


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