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The Latest

Trump’s White Supremacist Side Just Came Out With “Joke” During U.N. Lunch With African...

President Trump dug deep today and went all the way back to the racial exploitation of Africa under colonialism, with an attempt to make some kind of stupid joke, and what he probably considers a...

Former President Obama Speaks Out Against GOP’s Latest Affordable Care Act Repeal Attempt

Former President Obama is in New York City today, while President Trump partakes in his first United Nations General Assembly. Obama just gave a speech at an event sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates,...

Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer Finally Paying The Price For Lying To All Of...

Looks like willingly lying to the American public on a daily basis and not caring about it, is coming back to haunt former White House press secretary Sean Spicer. He is paying the price...

Popular Posts

After Attacking President Obama’s Tan Suit 3 Years Ago, Republicans Get To Deal With What Trump Just Wore

Three years ago, the mainstream media lead by Fox News, couldn't stop talking about former President Obama's tan suit. They said things like "This proves he's a Marxist" and "That's an impeachable offense right there", all over something completely petty. Well, now they are going...

Trump Goes Into Morning Panic Mode Over Reports Democrats Out-Negotiated Him On DACA

Last night, President Trump had dinner with Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who both issued a statement afterwards, stating that they reached an agreement with Trump to, "enshrine the protections of DACA into law quickly, and...

Trump Uses Visit To Florida To Survey Hurricane Irma Damage To Hold DACA Youth Hostage

President Trump traveled to Florida this morning, to meet with Hurricane Irma's victims and survey damage in Naples, Fort Myers. After disembarking Air Force One, Trump took some questions from reporters and revealed a new position in his ongoing changing of positions over the...

Trump Plays With Bananas While Giving Out Food To Irma Victims & Makes FUN Of His Supporters

President Trump made his way to Florida today to survey damage and visit victims of Hurricane Irma, where he was caught on camera making a mockery out of his interaction with locals who were badly impacted by the storm. Trump visited a Naples neighborhood...

Trump Contradicts Himself While Continuing To Deny Climate Change After Irma & Harvey Devastation

President Trump made a visit to Florida today to survey damage from Hurricane Irma, marking the second time he has visited a US state due to catastrophic damage in less than a year. Climate scientists fear that Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, are indeed examples...