Welcome to Left Over Rights! We are a political organization fighting for rights we all deserve, but have not yet achieved & we oppose any entity that tries to stand in the way of achieving these rights.

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The Latest

Top House Intelligence Committee Democrat Finally Gives Us The Confirmation On Trump-Russia Collusion We’ve...

One thing is for certain, which is that the public has not yet seen all of the evidence that has been gathered by both special counsel Robert Mueller and Congress' Russia investigations. But fortunately,...

Trump Just Reversed Rule Saving You From Getting Screwed Over Next Time You Fly...

The Trump administration has decided to throw out and end yet another Obama administration achievement to further president Trump's never ending crusade of attacking everything former President Obama did. The achievement was a rule proposal...

Trump Attempts To Steal Pearl Harbor Veteran & Survivor’s Coin On Live Television ‘You...

Trump signed a Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Proclamation at the White house today with a group of Veterans who survived the attack. Right after the signing, Trump took a coin that one of the...

Popular Posts

Racist Roy Moore Celebrating This Morning After Receiving Major New Endorsement

Republican Racist Alabama Senate nominee Roy Moore, who has been the subject of a sexual misconduct scandal for weeks, is quite happy this morning thanks to a new endorsement from the head of our government; the president. “Thankful for President Trump's support. The America First...

Trump Attempts To Send Mike Flynn Secret Message To Save Himself While Departing White House

Mike Flynn’s guilty plea is trouble for Trump and the White House, as he could possibly reveal damaging information about top Trump officials and the president himself, to special counsel Robert Mueller. Sources close to Flynn have said he feels abandoned by Trump, which...

Special Counsel Mueller Finally Goes In For The Kill To Remove Trump & His Family From The White House

Numerous sources are reporting that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has asked Deutsche Bank for all of its data on accounts held by President Trump and the Trump family, a person close to the matter said early this Tuesday. Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest lender, has loaned the...

Paul Ryan Explains Why GOP Is Going To Pay For All Those Tax Cuts For The Rich; By Cutting Social Services

GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan announced this week that House Republicans will be making it their sole mission to cut spending on Medicare, Medicaid and welfare programs next year, as a way to pay for Trump and the GOP's tax plan, if it passes. The...

Top Winter Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn Calls Out Trump & Denies Him Honor For 2018 Winter Olympics

Top United States Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, considered one of the biggest names that will compete in February's Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, called out President Trump in an interview aired for the first time today. She completely refused to say she would compete for Trump. "Well,...