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President Trump’s Lack Of Concern Over Heather Heyer Exposed Today At Trump Tower

President Trump had a terrible run in with the press today at Trump Tower in Manhattan, where he went off the rails during his conference with them. Part of this horrible press conference, was...

President Trump Just Lost It With The Press & His White Supremacist Side Came...

President Trump just gave a short statement on his new plans for boosting U.S. infrastructure, and then took questions from the press afterwards, at Trump Tower. During questioning with the press, Trump lost his...

Fox News Helped Encourage White Supremacists To Murder Heather Heyer After Trump Was ‘Elected’

Fox News and Tucker Carlson, an American conservative political commentator for Fox News, have been caught helping to lay the groundwork for the violence we saw in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend, that resulted...

Popular Posts

Trump Has Been Up All Night & This Morning Obsessing About Nuclear War With North Korea

President Trump has been firing off posts to social media all night since 2 A.M., after he threatened North Korea with nuclear annihilation yesterday, which he described would be, "the likes of which this world has never seen before." At 2 A.M., Trump tweeted out...

Mueller Just Conducted His First Unannounced Raid Of A Russia Probe Suspect’s Home

Information about a FBI raid conducted late last month, on the 26th of July, that was carried out by FBI agents working under special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, has just went public. FBI agents carried out an unannounced "predawn" raid on President Trump’s former...

Mueller’s Raid On Manafort’s Home Exposes Past Trump Statement As More Obstruction of Justice

Today we learned that last month, on the 26th of July, FBI agents part of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe, executed a "predawn" raid on President Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s home in Alexandria, Virginia. This July 26th raid exposes Trump's public...

Defense Secretary Mattis Backs Trump & Threatens North Korea With ‘destruction of its people’

Defense Secretary and retired U.S. Marine General James Mattis has joined President Trump's harsh threats and warnings against North Korea with a statement issued today. Mattis ordered the North Koreans to stand down and cease working on their nuclear weapons program, "The DPRK must choose...

Will Smith Just Revealed What Obama Said About Him Playing The Former President In A Film

Taking a break for a moment from the insanity we are experiencing, as tensions escalate with North Korea due to President Trump's threats of nuclear war, Actor Will Smith revealed some very interesting news about a conversation he had with former President Obama, in...