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White House Releases Pics To Show Trump Working Through Shutdown But Made Laughable Mistake

The White House released photos of President Trump "working" on the first day of the government shutdown and the one year anniversary of his inauguration. This propaganda was instantly exposed because these photos were...

UNBELIEVABLE! FBI Spotted Russians Hiding In PLAIN SIGHT During Trump’s Inauguration

You know how they say U.S. military technology is years ahead of what the public has? Looks like the same thing is happening with special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation because we are finally...

Trump Attempts To Claim Credit For 2018 Women’s March But It Backfires Spectacularly

Hundreds of thousands of women took part in festive Women’s Marches held across the country today and Trump just couldn't let them enjoy their day without trying to take credit. "Beautiful weather all over our...

Popular Posts

Conservative Writer Exposes the UGLY TRUTH Behind Trump’s Most Recent Racist Outburst

After shocking the nation and the world alike with perhaps his most racist remark as president, Trump denied making the disparaging remark about Haiti and other countries. The only problem for Trump is the numerous sources - including lawmakers who attended the Oval Office...

Rep. Ted Lieu Just Blindsided Trump With Defiant Statement He Couldn’t Have Seen Coming

Last year after an immigrant carried out a deadly terrorist attack in New York City, Trump jumped at the opportunity to promote his anti-immigration agenda. He called for a merit-based program to replace the lottery program. In a recent tweet, Trump exclaimed, "No more...

Carrier Employee Who Voted Trump Shows DEVASTATING Case of Buyer’s Remorse in Emotional Footage

One of Trump's many charades along the campaign trail was the alleged deal he struck with Carrier to keep American jobs in the country. Carrier employees put their faith in Trump after watching the "deal" go down. Since then, Carrier has backed out of the...

Trump Is FUMING MAD After a Courageous American Humiliates Him in D.C.

Trump has successfully diverted the media's attention away from more critical matters over the past week. Every major media outlet is focused on the aftermath of Trump's "sh*thole countries" remark he made during an Oval Office immigration meeting. Perhaps Trump doesn't want everyone's eyes...

The Death of Medicaid Just Started in the State of Kentucky

Republican welfare reform just kicked off in the state of Kentucky with a bang. Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, the guy who urged people to enter the most dangerous neighborhoods in Kentucky to pray away violence, just ruined the lives of 95,000 Americans. President Trump approved...