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Trump Pathetically Tries To Join Former Living President’s Hurricane Concert Fundraiser He Was Left...

Last month, all five living former U.S. Presidents assembled together to launch "One America Appeal", to assist the millions of people impacted by historically destructive Hurricanes during the 2017 Hurricane season. Tonight, they are...

Sen. Lindsey Graham Openly Reveals Trump’s Coming War As Mattis & Tillerson Seek Approval...

GOP Senator Lindsey Graham literally and openly revealed where President Trump will be starting his war last night, after meeting with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis about the U.S. soldiers killed recently in Niger. Graham...

U.S. Air Force Just Called 1,000 Retired Pilots Back Into Service Under Powers Granted...

President Trump signed a new executive order today, that dramatically expands the power of the Federal government to call back any retired service member into service, and it is already being used. The Air...

Popular Posts

Trump Has Been Subpoenaed In Sexual Assault Lawsuit That Could Lead To His Impeachment

President Trump was sued last year for assault by Summer Zervos, for unwanted sexual touching and/or sexually inappropriate behavior specifically, Zervos is a former contestant on the Trump’s reality TV show The Apprentice. A previously unreported subpoena court file has shown up and has...

Tillerson Reveals Trump Ready To Kill Millions & Wants Diplomacy With North Korea “until the first bomb drops”

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” program this Sunday morning and announced that President Trump only wants him to push forward with diplomacy in dealing with North Korea, “until the first bomb drops.” Tillerson said that Trump, "has made...

FCC Commissioner Says Trump Only Thing Getting Shut Down In Regards To Broadcast News Licenses

FCC commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel shut down President Trump's hopes of revoking news broadcast licenses today during a Sunday interview with CNN. Commissioner Rosenworcel clarified that the FCC must abide by the First Amendment. "I think it's essential that the FCC and all that it does is...

Trump Mocking Mike Pence’s Religion & Making Jokes About The LGBT Community In White House

A new report by Jane Mayer has offered more insight into the relationship between President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, showing that Trump is a true bully that holds completely backwards views of the world. In particular, Trump enjoys making fun of...

Ivanka Trump’s Role In Aiding Russia Revealed As She Was Responsible For The Hiring Of Mike Flynn

White House "Senior Adviser" to the President, Ivanka Trump, has just been further implicated in the Mike Flynn scandal by sources in a new report on the inner workings of the White House. Ivanka has claimed this year that she "tries to stay out...