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Trump Just Became The First President In Decades To Horribly Disrespect The Black Community...

President Trump is breaking a decades old White House tradition, dating all the way back to when Ronald Reagan was President during the 80s. Trump has chosen not to attend and speak at the...

John McCain Announces Heroic Return To Washington To Fight Cancer & President Trump

In what may bring tears to your eyes, Senator John McCain is choosing to fight his brain cancer in an incredibly heroic way, while continuing to be an outspoken critic of President Trump. McCain...

Mueller Just Crossed Trump’s Russia Probe Red Line & Is Going After The Entire...

Trump told The New York Times during his recent interview with them, that Mueller would cross a "red" line if he expanded the Russia probe to his business dealings and transactions. "Last thing, if...

Popular Posts

Melania Trump Ruins Children’s Day During Hospital Visit In France

First Lady Melania Trump made a visit to some children temporarily in Necker Hospital in France, a noble gesture, but more so a photo op. The children looked completely unhappy however, in photos of her visit, probably because they had no choice in the...

President Trump Nearly Causes Macron To Fall With Aggressive Handshake

President Trump just forced an awkward and aggressive handshake with French President Macron, by refusing to let go of Macron for nearly 30 seconds. The entire thing was caught on camera, as we will see below. As the pair walked forward during France's street parade,...

THIRD Russian Confirms He Was At Trump Jr’s Meeting & Gives Up Details About It

A sixth person has come forward and is confirming attendance at Trump Jr's Trump Tower Russia meeting, bringing the total number of Russians present to three, including Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya. Even worse for Trump Jr, is that this sixth person is spilling the...

Democrat Women Of The House Just Defied Paul Ryan’s Sexism With Style

Female House Democrats wore sleeveless clothing today as part of a push to modernize the House dress code and defy misogynistic House Speaker Paul Ryan. Their defiance was done in style, by using one of the GOP's favorite talking points against them. "Thank you to...

“Senior Adviser” Jared Kushner Drops Top Lawyer Because He Thinks He Will Be Criminally Charged

"Senior" White House "Adviser" Jared Kushner has chosen to drop his current lawyer from defending him from Mueller's probe into the "alleged" collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Jamie Gorelick, Kushner's now former lawyer, issued a statement via email, explaining why Kushner had...