Welcome to Left Over Rights! We are a political organization fighting for rights we all deserve, but have not yet achieved & we oppose any entity that tries to stand in the way of achieving these rights.

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Trump Just Ran Back Into The White House After His Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon Got...

Trump finished up holding a press conference at the White House today, where he carried out the presidential tradition of pardoning a turkey before Thanksgiving. During the celebration, a reporter could be heard screaming,...

Top Democrat Just Made New York City & Times Square A No-Go Zone For...

Democratic "mega-donor" Tom Steyer has taken his impeachment campaign to the next level against president Trump. Steyer has put up huge digital billboards calling for Trump's impeachment all across Times Square. The impeachment ads will...

White House Stops JUST Short Of Fully Endorsing GOP Senate Nominee Racist Roy Moore

Top White House adviser Kellyanne Conway gave an interview this Monday morning that all but resulted in a full endorsement of U.S. Senate candidate Racist (proof) Roy Moore. Moore has been accused of multiple...

Popular Posts

GOP Senate Nominee Roy Moore Claims Giving Blacks Voting Rights Has Created A ‘Problem’ For This Country

Last night, Alabama GOP Senate nominee Roy Moore spoke in Jackson, a small city in rural south Alabama, where he made one of the most racist statements in modern history by a nationally covered political actor. The entire thing was caught on camera, as...

Trump’s Past Attack On Marco Rubio For Drinking Water Strangely Just Came Back To Haunt Him

  President Trump held a press conference from the White House today to discuss his 12 day trip to Asia, where he got a little dry mouth and needed a drink of water. It was a very human moment, as we all need a sip...

Trump Family’s Real Net Worth Has Been Revealed & It’s Lower Than Anyone Imagined

President Trump stepped down as Chairman of the Trump Organization to have his sons run the company before inauguration day. The Trump Organization LLC claimed $9.5 billion in sales last year and the company acts as the primary holding company for Trump's portfolio of...

A Top Senator Has Just Been Accused Of Sexual Misconduct With Strong Photo Evidence

A TV host and sports broadcaster named Leeann Tweeden has accused Senator Al Franken of Minnesota of kissing and groping her without her consent in 2006. Different from the many recent sexual misconduct allegations recently, Leeann Tweeden has provided strong evidence in the form...

Trump Campaign Now Refusing To Cooperate With Mueller, So Mueller’s Taking It To The Next Level

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators have issued a subpoena to President Trump’s 2016 campaign for documents related to the campaign's contact with Russia, according to a new report, confirmed by multiple sources. The new report states that Mueller’s team issued the subpoena in the middle of...